I’m the person you want on your team if you’re seeking to create and connect in meaningful ways.

I come equipped with photography and design skills, editing tools, and creative strategic solutions. I have a lot of energy and hugs to share (with consent, of course). 100% of my best friends would recommend being in my company.

My camera is my current favorite storytelling tool. It’s the best way I know to capture how I feel - whether it’s expressing through self-portraiture or the way the blue of the sky is the exact same blue of the sign on the sidewalk and how they happen to fit perfectly in a frame with even more perfect lines and shadows. Phew, feels good to see that.

Photography helps me connect - it’s the most effective way I know to reflect back at you the greatness I see when you stand in front of my lens. I always get props from clients for helping them feel the most comfortable they’ve maybe ever been in front of a camera. We have F U N.

I have a mixed bag of experiences, from working in cool Advertising agencies with big brands, to helping small business owners create an image for their brand, starting a chocolate company with my sister, teaching yoga to teenagers, and giving life to Badass Women Photos.

Which simply means:

  • I can find really great tweets from brands and work with my team to turn them into rad content.

  • I’ll design your logo, ebooks, marketing materials that your business needs to look and feel cohesive and tell your unique story.

  • I know how to fall on my ass and get back up and I can say for a fact that it’s better when you’re covered in chocolate.

  • I can keep my cool in a room with 35 screaming teenagers, and help them keep their cool with breathing exercises.

  • I believe there is always a creative solution to make my dreams happen when I’m open to what else is possible.

What else is possible? I’m ready to create more great things that make the world a little better. Let’s work together.