The 5 minutes before bed.

They really set the tone for the next day.

You know that annoyance that comes with waking up in the middle of the night and realizing you're still in your jeans from earlier? Well that's what my 2am was like, but multiplied by three. 

I woke up with my iPad still in hand, the reading light shining in my face, in my jeans from the day before. I was mainly annoyed because I had to be up in a couple hours to go to yoga. I slept two more hours, showered and was ready just in time to hop on my bike and barely make it on the mat before the first downward dog of class. But then I couldn't find my bike lock key and I couldn't leave without it, so I got back in bed and everything was just a little off all day. I was bummed I missed yoga. 

That hadn't happened in a while because I'd been good about preparing for the next day. Every night: Lunch, clothes, backpack, and bike lock - check. I always take five minutes before bed to disconnect from everything and get my thoughts in oder. I do a quick run down in my head of what the following day might be like, I think about everything I'm grateful for and I set intentions for the next day. Sometimes it's 'be productive' other times it's simply 'let it be.'

Those five minutes make a huge difference.