Procrastination post. The 2 minute rule.

Once I get started, I want to write it all down. I have ideas jotted down on tiny pieces of paper and notes in my phone, so that’s a good thing. But then I sit down to write about them and I just think of the more recent stuff that I have to write about because it feels more exciting, but then I think of how exciting the other moments were, and so on. So I procrastinate. Clearly.

But here’s the thing about procrastination, it really does help me. No, seriously. Any good procrastinator will tell you it’s true, or maybe we just trick ourselves into thinking that. Here’s what works for me - I make a list of everything I have to do and then I add silly easy stuff to that list, stuff that’s not nearly as important and often, not important at all. Then I do the things. I scrub the toilet, I separate my laundry, I tweeze my eyebrows and I google that one thing that I was wondering about that one time. And then I’m ready to focus on whatever it is that was originally at the top of my list, and my mind is at ease.

One of my favorite professors at ASU, William Heywood, introduced me to the 2 minute rule - Separate your tasks into two piles, one for the things that will take you two minutes or less and one for everything else, when you need a break from ‘everything else,’ check something off your quick list. It works. I’ve modified it to a 10 minute rule, but when I don’t have something on my list that’s quick and easy, I just create something. Like this post. Now, I can go in peace to write about everything on my mind.

But really, I should just go to sleep and write tomorrow.