San Francisco

Run in the rain.

“I just ran in the rain without earphones. Amazeballs. Go do it!” I had just finished cleaning my room when I read Adam’s message. The morning was already perfect - slept in, incense, rain, This American Life - and I didn’t have to do anything for the next couple hours. So I did it. It was my first run in three weeks because overtraining is a bitch (but that’s a different story).

I jogged for a couple miles in the spitting morning rain with gorgeous views of the city taken straight from an old book. The cable car, the splashing of cars in puddles, the sounds of Muni, the leaves and the silence created the perfect soundtrack. I felt alive and only three more blocks uphill until I was home. As I got halfway up the first giant hill it started to pour, so I embraced it. I spread my arms back like wings, I pointed my chin up, closed my eyes, and just went for it. I ran past my front door, I had to, I couldn’t stop. 

A few hours later, I wasn’t even off the running cloud, when an old friend picked me up for coffee. We spent the afternoon at Coffee Bar in our old hood until it was time for yoga. Breathing and handstands consumed the next three hours of our lives and we walked out of the studio in an an even fluffier cloud than when we walked in. 

I needed this day. We all need this day. The day when we take time to do only those things that feed our soul. We get caught up in doing what we do and we forget to take time for self care. Not the day-to-day self care when we brush our teeth, eat well and meet deadlines, the real kind, when we shower in rain, let our body breathe, and let the sounds of the city do the talking. So in the words of my friend Adam, go do it, it’s amazeballs.

Haiku for San Francisco.

The words are not going to write themselves. Not even if I talk about writing them. 

I always say I’m going to do it and I never stick to it. It’s always because ‘I don’t have time’ but it’s really because, who cares what I have to say? Which I then realized, is precisely the reason I should write. It makes me happy and someone else might be able to take something from it. And if not, who cares what I have to say anyway. 

It always takes a little warm-up, so I figured a haiku wouldn’t be a bad way to start.

Warm winter embrace 

To be in San Francisco

In January