Cool story, bro.

Adam is one of my roommates and yesterday we realized that we'd actually never seen one another outside of our home. The previous day we had texted back and forth all day about the yoga class offered at the gym we both go to, where we've also never seen one another. We decided to meet at yoga and then venture home together.

It turns out there was more than one yoga class on the schedule that evening. I flowed through the entire 7pm class thinking, 'damn, I didn't take Adam for a stander upper' (is that a word? whatever). I rushed into the house to give him shit about it but Adam was nowhere to be found, because he was flowing through the 8:30pm yoga class. Go figure! 

So today I invited him on my Workshop Cafe outing. He doesn't seem to be having as much fun as we expected an outing together to be. Maybe there was too much buildup for our out-of-the-house hang out. Who knows, but look at all these cool patterns.