How to cook chicken for Linner when you don't have time for Lunch or Dinner

 Simple and delicious roasted chicken recipe. 

Simple and delicious roasted chicken recipe. 

Cooking ain't no thang!! The first things I ever learned to cook were chilaquiles and cheesy pasta. They're both pretty similar except that one is made with pasta and the other with tortillas. All I had to know was what went in it and more or less what the process was. At 11ish years old I never bothered with measurements or step by step instructions and it always turned out amazing. Partly because anything loaded with cheese is finger lickin' good, but also because cooking is not difficult AT ALL. 

Now I make these quickie meals all the time and they make me feel so nourished. These simple recipes also make me feel hella empowered because how amazing is it to be in control of what goes into your body?! 

Today I only had about 40 minutes to cook and eat linner before heading out to photograph a holiday company party. These two beautiful chicken hind quarters from Belcampo Meat Co. saved the day! 

I placed these in a baking sheet and drizzled olive oil and a little bit of water on them. Then I sprinkled them with sea salt, Cayenne pepper, coriander, and black pepper. Every time I sprinkle anything on my food I picture fairy dust filled with love and magic going into my food - and I pretend I'm a witch pretty much anytime I cook.

I chopped up part of an onion and a handful of parsley and popped these sexy legs in the oven for about 25 minutes a 410F (I crank up the heat because I'm impatient). When the chicken was ready I served it over arugula and chopped red bell peppers with a splash of apple cider vinegar. 

Before taking the first bite I took a few moments to appreciate all the beings that had a part in this meal. From the chicken to the farmers to the people at the grocery store, to the clients who paid for my work for me to be able to purchase these ingredients and eat this nourishing food. And the list really goes on and on but I had to dig in at some point. 

You know it's good when you hum throughout the entire meal, and this was a loud one. Try it :)