Cycling: a key to the present moment

I’m feeling some extra special love for my bike today. I knew it would be cold this morning so I wanted to wake up early enough to ride the warm bus to yoga. I snoozed at least once so the only way I could possibly make it there in time was if I rode my bike. Even driving would take longer by the time I found parking – not to mention then I’m stuck driving in the city and no thanks.

My initial thought was “ahhh but it’s so freakin cold out and the sun’s not even out.” But there was no way I was missing my last yoga class with Jody Hahn this year so I layered up and hopped on my magic broom.

It took less than 4 seconds to change my attitude from cold and complainy to THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!!! Because cycling is magical like that. I started laughing/howling out loud - like I often do when I am in that state that every single thing is so perfect and I’m so overwhelmed with gratitude, there’s no word for it yet. 

I felt a hint of piercing cold on my cheeks and didn’t feel my cheeks again after that. My nose kind of runny, my finger tips cold, and my legs tingly from the rush. The sun and I woke up the city together. As it rose to my left and I rode down an empty street, my surroundings started coming to life. Shop owners swept their storefronts, moving with the whisper of empty morning buses.

My entire body was warm and fuzzy after climbing a few hills. At the bottom of the last hill I took the smoothest right turn of my life and silently thanked my bike for it’s impeccable balance abilities. I had arrived. I was there – in the present moment. There is nowhere else to be, EVER, but cycling really gets me in it.

When I’m on my bike I am ON, because there’s no other way to be to keep up with the honks, the traffic, the breeze, look left, look right, don’t miss a beat. And even then, with so much going on in every direction, I am constantly impressed at the space that exists for a flowy dance between my feet and my petals. 

Big love to all the courageous two wheeled warriors out there living a lot in the present moment. Kudos to my bike for being such a badass and taking me places and helping me carry things. And a tight hug for cycling - for keeping my legs strong, my awareness heightened, and my entire being mushy with love. 

 ∞ rf