Self-portrait, 2015 year end reflection


2015 turned out to be a hella sexy year - not that 'ooo you're so good looking and you sound nice' sexy but more of the 'there's so much depth to your soul, I wanna fall in love with your mind' sexy. It was a year of healing my heart and breaking old relationship patterns. I drank way less and danced way more. I made more authentic connections, found more like-minded communities, and grew my soul tribe by so many enchanting souls.

I doubted myself a shit ton, but I believed in myself a whole lot more. It was the year of self-employment / hustling 21 odd jobs to make my dreams happen. I learned to set boundaries with my time and energy – also known as, don’t be a people pleaser and fill your jar first.

I got two more tattoos regardless of all the people that have opinions about me not getting any more tattoos (just in case you’re wondering, my opinion is that no one should drink soda). The ink on my body is dear to me for long reasons that I can share over coffee.

I let my hair grow, enduring the awkward in between stage which was very much a reflection of what I was processing internally. I did a yoga teacher training that reminded me of the benefits of this practice, both on and off the mat. I traveled to Sweden with a bestest buddy and I took a solo road trip – both equally as joy filled and peaceful.

I moved into a new home that’s conducive to the FLOW I want in all of my life - where we paint, make music, watch sunsets on the roof, and have a strict rule of doing epic shit every single day. A place where “hey let’s go beach camping tonight” or “let’s go buy wetsuits and swim in the Bay after work” are casual conversation.

I drank A LOT of quality (and some shitty) coffee, I laughed so much, I cried almost as much, and I loved every bit of it. I am infinitely grateful for every single being and moment that taught me something this year. Thank you for love and support, 2015 - you sexy beast.

Magical 2016, I’ve got my eye on you.