Own your precious journey.


"Act like you're in Paris!" Gotta love those direction cues from the photographer.

My soul brother, Oscar Martinsson, came over for a work session today and he captured ME in the NOW on our little rooftop break. Coffee cup in hand, with the same cold coffee from earlier this afternoon that I've been slowly sipping all day. Because the weekdays blend with weekends and work meshes with play. And the hustle never stops.

I often have deep thoughts about what it is I was 'supposed' to do with my life and if I'm on the right track or not. Self-doubt sometimes comes up when people say things like "But you went to business school and got your masters in advertising, why aren't you working at a big company or an ad agency?!" And then I think of the kind woman who I met at a sustainable food festival a few months ago that reminded me, "think about how you got stuff when you were a kid.. If you wanted the candy bar you'd get creative and set up a lemonade stand to make money, or when you found you were good at something you'd share that with your family and friends." That's exactly what I'm doing here - what I'm SUPPOSED to be doing, regardless of what anyone expects.

I take photos of people for their personal brand because I have a gift for making people feel confident and open in front of a lens. I share my yoga practice with my community because it has helped me on my journey and I want to pass along the goodness. I'm running a chocolate company with my sister because why else would UniGodNatureVerse put us in this world together if not to make a delicious chocolate bar filled with nutrients to fuel the body, heart, and soul. 

What some people don't understand is that I AM putting my business and advertising educational experiences to immense use - perhaps not in a traditional way but in a way that feels right for me. 

We're all on our own precious journey. We're all here to support one another, we're all here to contribute - do so in a way that resonates with your deepest desires. Put YOU in everything you do, because YOU are necessary. And you, baby, are on the right track. Keep going.

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