BLISS: Healing Party

Sometimes party means dancing and wine, other times it means massages, yoga, chiropractic adjustments, nourishing food - and it ALWAYS means good people and healing chocolate.

A few weekends ago we all gathered for BLISS: Healing Party hosted by 4 Elements Retreat at Community Well - a peaceful space exuding of tranquility scents and energy. I had the honor of leading a group of new friends in a yoga sequence to get their muscles warmed up for the other healing practices that followed with specialists from The SHIFT Chiropractic and CMTs Serita Hicks and Carrie Lynn. 

After leading yoga I snapped a few photos of the bright state of everyone's being - so light and floaty with sparkles in their eyes. 

To join us next time, check out the event calendar at - where I post all my yoga happenings around the Bay Area and beyond!