New York needs no reason

“What’s the purpose of your trip?” I was asked this a number of times the first few days of my week-long stay in the New York and at first, I couldn’t come up with a solid response. I had plans to visit friends, check out some shops where we’ll potentially sell our chocolate, and participate in the TD 5 Boro Bike Tour – but those weren’t REALLY the reasons for my trip to NY.

After a couple days I came to realize that my real reason for being in New York was just that – TO BE in New York. We so often forget that it’s a thing we can do, JUST BE.

So with that said, I didn’t dine at any famous spots or visit any museums (Met, I’ll catch you next time). Instead, I did similar things to what I do at home, but in New York. I worked from cool coffee shops (Devoción in WIlliamsburg wins my vote), I took portraits of some badass humans, I rode bikes a bunch, ran through busy streets toward beautiful parks, and made it to a few yoga classes (Thanks Modo Yoga!).

I’ve realized that immersing myself in the local culture is my favorite way to explore a new place. I am forever grateful to my worldwide tribe for hosting me in their homes and sharing their sweet lives with me.

Here’s some stuff I captured the few times I was out and about with my camera. ∞