“You should shoot weddings, that way you’ll always have work.” Yes, and…

I do photograph weddings, sometimes. I LOVE love and I’m honored when couples invite me into their special moments to capture the charm.

And I also photograph badass women – I WILL ALWAYS HAVE WORK. There are countless women out there owning their personal power and impacting our world. I'm grateful for all the courageous souls out there speaking truths and sharing magic with the world.

Whether you’re experiencing career breakthroughs, finding your independence, or thriving on your soul journey, this time in your life is worth noting. The inner work you’ve been doing radiates from your very own eyes – I’d love to capture your essence in the NOW. Wear your raddest outfits, dance your special way, do whatever the hell you want because you are a grown-ass woman and you are perfect as you are. 

I am offering a 15% discount for all the badass women in my communities and women in their communities, because THE BADASS WOMAN LOOP IS INFINITE. Mention the code ‘WOMENTODAY’ and let’s get you some new portraits, beautiful.

* If you’re interested in learning more about stepping into your personal power, please reach out – I have countless spiritual, health, and career guide references (other badass women, obviously) to share with you!   

∞ ♥