Make art, with art, to make more art - Frida Kahlo inspired self portraits

“We spend so much time thinking about how we feel rather than actually feeling.” I heard this from a teacher a few months ago and I catch myself stuck in the thinking, dissecting all of it. Shhhhhh, feel. Don’t think, feel.

I was walking home form work four Fridays ago, rattling off my to-do list for when I got home because it was only 4:30pm and it was Friday so I could work for as long as I wanted. I was determined to 'be productive' - I'd tackle some work to-dos, clean the shower, and make it to the latest yoga class of the evening. Plan, plan, plan.

I was stopped in my tracks when I walked into my room. The afternoon light was extra white and flowing in steady - in between the church towers, up the alley, and through the leaves, straight in through my bedroom windows. My room was perfectly lit up like a fairy bubble.

Before I could get to my very important step-by-step plan for the evening, I was distracted by the flower arrangement below the mirror, brighter than the day before. Every single one of the stems and pedals, divinely constructed pieces of art. I can’t recall the exact thought process after that - because when you’re really feeling it’s okay not to think as much – but it resulted in scissors, makeup, and a tripod. And light. Perfect light.

Not thinking, detached from doing – simply feeling.

∞ ♥ rf

Self portraits inspired by la reina, Frida Kahlo, ©reginafelice 2016

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Self portraits inspired by la reina, Frida Kahlo, ©reginafelice 2016