"I wish I could do that..."

Last week I took myself on a date to the Ani DiFranco concert. It was my first show since I moved here and I was so stoked to check out the venue. 

I popped into my Lyft, to that bubble of synthetic air freshener that always clashes with my “I’m going on a date” copious amounts of essential oils. We rock out to Despacito before she asks me where I’m headed. 

“Cool, are you meeting your friends there?”

- “No, going solo”

She turned her entire head to look at me and her eyes got wide, “Oh my god, that’s SO cool!!! I wish I could do that… At least you’re taking a Lyft so you can get drunk.”

- “I don’t drink.”

She does it again, the quick shock turn, “Oh my gosh, are you serious?? That’s really cool! I wish I could do that.” 

YOU CAN. You can do whatever you want. That’s the beauty of being your own person, you get to pick what your person does and doesn’t do. You get to decide how you spend your time, who you spend it with, and what you consume. You get to decide if you splurge on the Lyft, or you drive and pay for parking, or you take the extra time to travel by public transportation. YOU CAN. I CAN. WE CAN. 

And that night I chose to get all dressed up to go on a date with myself to a performance by badass women for badass women. I chose to be there when doors opened at 7 so I could sit and take it all in, the crowds rolling through to find their seats, the energy of anticipation. I chose to let tears drip down my face as I listened to Quiet by Milck, the opening act. I chose to feel that I wasn’t there alone, but rather with 2,000 other humans who enjoy songs about happiness and reproductive rights.

I chose to not take footage of the show and keep my phone in my purse to fully be at the performance. I chose to stand up and dance while most everyone around me was sitting and swaying with a drink in their hand. I chose to remember that I no longer need to depend on alcohol to have a good time. I chose to feel that I AM ENOUGH. 

You can. I can. We can. Choose.

How do you choose to spend time with yourself and fully enjoy your own company? Ain't that the BEST? Keep loving you, boo. 

∞ ♥ rf

 Someone handed me this :) 

Someone handed me this :)