A teeny tiny human

Teeny tiny humans are INCREDIBLE. I met this beautiful soul two days after her courageous momma, Bethanne, welcomed her to this Earth through home birth. Birth is the most natural thing in the world, we all went through it, yet the whole thing still blows my mind. 




Nature Love Bash

I took a day trip out to this enchanted creek with Bethanne and Mark. They’re creating a human together – and based on what I previously knew about them, I knew this little being was lucky to be born to these two individuals. Bethanne, a powerhouse, creator of healthy infused treats at Edible Goddess and Mark, an adventurous and creative maker. But man, lucky is an understatement. These two are so radiant together, see for yourself. (More photos here)

And since I know you’re wondering it – their skin glows so perfectly because they’re always using superfood goodies on their bodies and taste buds. In other words, you can also indulge in the vitality: ediblegoddess.com