Portraits of YOU in the NOW for your website, blog, the web, and LIFE


What are those little things that make you unique and help you own your personal power? I want to capture your essence in the NOW, simply for being the amazing human you are. 

Chances are you're experiencing personal growth and breakthroughs at this stage in your life. Personal portraits are beautiful evidence of your evolution. We often relate having a nice picture of ourselves taken to 'special occasions' and most times it involves a partner, a family, a team. I'm here to remind you that EVERY SINGLE DAY is a special occasion and all those mini milestones you accomplish daily also deserve a celebration. 

Being a badass is often associated with doing something grandiose - like biking across the country or starting your own business. Yes, this is absolutely badass, but what about the little things we do that get us to accomplish goals like these? "What you do with your days insert that quote here about Determines how you live your life."  I'm interested in what makes you conquer your life on a daily basis. 

"How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives." - Annie Dillard

Is it the way you smile at every single stranger you pass on the street? Is it because you take yourself for a jog although it's been a long ass day at work? Maybe it's the mini dance party you have in the mirror before walking out and owning your day. Or maybe it's the way you walk with so much gusto into every single meeting. 

Whether it's the way you layer your sweaters or the self love you practice throughout your day, it takes courage to celebrate yourself, and that, my friend, makes you a fucking badass.

I want to capture YOU in the NOW. Let's pretend like it's your damn birthday and have a photo session to celebrate the magic you share with the world! 

If you're still wondering if you're a badass woman, sign up for a free 15 minute phone chat with me and I'll help you get some clarity. 

∞ ♥ Regina Felice


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SF Street Portrait Session ($$)

Possibly the most fun portrait session you've ever had. This session is ideal for women looking for a few new headshots for work, social profiles, dating sites, and cards to send to grandma.

  • Quick intake form before our session
  • 1 hour photo session around North Beach in San Francisco
  • Make up and hair stylists (additional cost, but always so worth it)
  • 1-2  outfits
  • 8 portraits ready for print and web  

Upcoming SF Street Portrait Dates: August 6, 2016 (4 available) &

YOU in the NOW Photo Experience ($$$)

An experience to capture your essence in your favorite locations with your favorite things. This photo session is perfect for women starting their own website/business/blog who want a wider variety of photos or have a fun creative concept in mind. LET'S MAKE ALL THE ART!

  • Inspiration form to remind yourself what makes you such a badass human
  • 30 minute phone chat or coffee date to develop our vision for your session
  • 2-3 hour photo session
  • 2-3 locations of your choice within 30 miles of SF
  • Customized playlist to help us celebrate during our session
  • Make up and hair stylists (additional cost, but always so worth it)
  • 3-5 outfits to capture all the staple items that represent you today
  • Photos with/of things that represent your current lifestyle (coffee, bikes, food, flowers, art) 
  • 22 radiant images of YOU in the NOW, ready for print and web
  • MyIntent bracelet with your one word mantra

Words from Badass Women about their empowering photo experience...

"I needed to get professional pictures taken for medical school applications (go figure right?) and although anyone could do this for me, I ONLY wanted Regina. Her energy is not only powerful and raw and beautiful, it’s tangible– so much so that it comes out in every single picture she takes. She is just full of love for the world and people, that it becomes infectious whenever you are in her presence. The pictures she takes show so much more than just a subject or a landscape; she truly does capture a moment of stillness within space and time, and you are instantly taken back to that moment whenever you look at that picture. It is a work of art- her pictures make you FEEL. They tell a story…and in my case, they told my story, which is exactly what I wanted to show to medical schools. Basically, Regina is INCREDIBLE at photography, because it is evident that she truly loves what she does.” - Jessica V.


"Regina really makes you feel so comfortable! She had me in the streets of SF strutting my stuff and encouraging me to let go of any shyness or judgement. It made for the best photoshoot! She edited my photos super fast and got them to me in a file within a week. She is reliable, has an amazing eye for detail, and really gets you outside of your comfort zone. If you ever need a photographer, book her! Plus she has such great knowledge of how to pose, which made an amateur like me feel very confident! I'm excited to see her business flourish. Fyi: my photos were used for my upcoming website and blog." - Sarina I.


"When I needed headshots for the relaunch of my website, I immediately reached out to Regina. She had previously impressed me with her eye for design and I knew she would do the same with her photography. Needless to say, Regi did not disappoint - not only did she possess exceptional professionalism alongside a wealth of creativity (thinking of unique poses and scenes that really captured my personality), but she also just emanated warmth. I left our shoot radiant! There's something intimate and vulnerable about taking headshots. If you're insecure or uncomfortable, it shows on camera. With Regina, I can guarantee not only that you will receive the upmost quality in your pictures, but that joy will radiate from the proofs!" - Charity Y.


"I am usually the one behind the camera, so I felt strange seeking the help of a professional photographer when I decided to take my business website to the next level. 
Regina had such a fun-loving way of making me feel comfortable in front of the camera however, and really worked to understand where we should go so that I would feel my most authentic self. The final product are images that I am proud to feature on my website, and excited to share with my family and friends!" - Sydney L.


"Regina truly is as good as it gets.  I hired her to take some shots for my food blog and I was so impressed with her work. Not only do you get amazing photography, but the experience of working with her will feel comfortable and inspiring.  She is exceptionally creative and her warmth and vivaciousness come through in what she does and when she's working with you.  I am always a bit camera shy, but Regina's encouragement and very real enthusiasm, plus the ideas she offers, make the who shoot experience fun.  I love the way she makes me feel when I'm in front of her camera and working with her: it's fun, creative, even therapeutic in a sense.  She's a very talented professional and, even better, a truly warm and wonderful soul.  I'd recommend her to anyone." - Jordan Y.


"Working with Regina was great! She has a fantastic energy as a professional and creative, is highly responsive and communicative, and as a photographer, puts you at ease with her thoughtfulness and ability to work with you in a open and perceptive manner. Would highly recommend!" Melissa H.


"Having my photo taken by Regina was such a great experience! I have to admit I was a little nervous and shy, but she really does make you feel very comfortable and at ease. She was the perfect balance of being professional and fun and we spent a lot of the time laughing, which made the entire process a lot less intimidating. I highly recommend Regina to anyone looking for a photographer!!" - Lisa R.


This is how excited I am to capture your essence (see picture below). I really fall in love with everyone I photograph - not in a creepy way, but in a "DO YOU REALIZE HOW PERFECT YOU ARE?!" way. 

I've been intrigued by lighting and composition since I picked up a camera at summer camp when I was 13, yet my passion for photographing is rooted in human connection. 

You might initially feel iffy about being in front of a lens, but you'll forget we're even on a photoshoot in no time. I'm ready to celebrate you and capture your badassery - are you? Let's do this!


∞ ♥ Regina Felice