About Badass Photo Experiences

What is a Badass Photo Experience?
Chances are you're experiencing personal growth and breakthroughs at this stage in your life. Personal portraits are beautiful evidence of your evolution. We often relate having a nice picture of ourselves taken to 'special occasions' and most times it involves a partner, a family, a team. I'm here to remind you that EVERY SINGLE DAY is a special occasion and all those mini milestones you accomplish daily also deserve a celebration. 

Being a badass is often associated with doing something grandiose - like biking across the country or starting your own business. Yes, this is absolutely badass, but what about the little things we do that get us to accomplish goals like these? "What you do with your days insert that quote here about Determines how you live your life."  I'm interested in what makes you conquer your life on a daily basis. 

"How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives." - Annie Dillard

Is it the way you smile at every single stranger you pass on the street? Is it because you take yourself for a jog although it's been a long ass day at work? Maybe it's the mini dance party you have in the mirror before walking out and owning your day. Or maybe it's the way you walk with so much gusto into every single meeting. 

Whether it's the way you layer your sweaters or the self love you practice throughout your day, it takes courage to celebrate yourself, and that, my friend, makes you a fucking badass.

I want to capture YOU in the NOW. Let's pretend like it's your damn birthday and have a photo session to celebrate the magic you share with the world! 

If you're still wondering if you're a badass woman, sign up for a free 15 minute phone chat with me and I'll help you get some clarity. 

∞ ♥ Regina Felice